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Within the framework of RMG’s Environmental Program, the German company Cerafiltec will carry out the final works

Within the framework of the environmental program in RMG, the final works are being carried out by the engineers of the German company Cerafiltec.

According to their information, the final stage of the project envisages the installation of modern, chemical water purification facilities at two locations of RMG Copper and RMG Gold by foreign specialists and their commissioning.

As a result of the operation of the chemical treatment facility, in accordance with the current legislation of Georgia, the production waters will be completely cleaned and their further discharge into the Kazretula River and the in Mashavera, which completely eliminates river pollution.

“Cerafiltec is a German brand that operates on the basis of Saarland University and produces ceramic membrane filters. These filters have very small pores, so even the smallest bacteria cannot penetrate it. The filters we make are ideal for removing heavy metals from water. The final stage of the work of the chemical treatment plant installed by us at two locations in RMG is filtration, as a result of which all kinds of metals are removed from the water. In the end, we get clean, filtered water, which is then discharged into the river”, – Martin Kašek, founder of Cerafiltec.

In the near future, within the framework of water protection measures, a similar type of chemical treatment facility will be installed at the bottom of waste rock dump No. 4, which will additionally provide the river. Poladauri protection.

In 2018, based on a letter from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, RMG developed an environmental program, which involves the implementation of various environmental projects and measures in order to reduce the impact of production processes on the company’s licensed territory and mitigate them as much as possible.

With the completion of the final stage of water protection measures (which implies the commissioning of the above-mentioned water purification facilities), all conditions of the letter issued by the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia in 2017-2018 will be fulfilled.

As of now, RMG has implemented 98 mitigating measures within the framework of the environmental program, most of which are aimed at improving the quality of water, air and soil. The investment made for the implementation of the environmental program amounted to 30,000,000 GEL.