With the support of RMG, the project “Debates for better education” is ongoing in public schools of Kazreti district.

The students of Kazreti N1 and N2 public schools, with the support of RMG, are undergoing intensive preparation for public debates in debate clubs opened in schools. The project, which is organized by the Institute of Debate and Education of Georgia and the Gudavadze Patarkatsishvili Foundation , aims to develop debating skills among the students of Kazreti public schools. After completing the educational course, Kazreti school students will summarize the work of the debate clubs and will participate in the national tournament on behalf of Kvemo Kartli.

“Studies conducted within the framework of the project already confirm the importance of teaching formal debate in the lives of both students and teachers. Young people develop such skills as constructive reasoning, argumentation, finding materials, oratory, teamwork, time management, respect for the opponent and others. In addition, debating techniques help them improve their academic performance and improve their communication skills, which contributes to their overall personal development. We are glad that With the initiative and support of RMG , our project, which already has many fans, this year for the first time, the schools of Bolnisi municipality were also involved. A very interesting experience awaits them.”says Tinatin Tsertsvadze, Chairman of the Board of the Georgian Debate and Education Institute.

Before the students, in order to get into the project, school teachers passed the selection competition, in which about 150 teachers across the country took part. At the final stage, 20 teachers were selected who underwent intensive training in debating techniques and club management.

Bolnisi municipality has never had a similar opportunity , and now Kazreti has Teachers and students of public schools had a chance to be involved in this very interesting project. We try to support the education and development of children in the direction of learning formal debates, so that in the future they can already successfully present themselves at both national and international tournaments.”noted Mariam Beria, a teacher of Kazreti district #1 public school.

At the initiative of RMG , debate clubs were opened in Kazreti N1 and N2 public schools last fall. At this stage, debate clubs are actively working and preparing students for public debates. Organization of various educational projects in the direction of non-formal education in the region and their promotion is one of the priority areas of corporate responsibility of RMG .

,, Supporting education and youth is our company’s corporate responsibility It is the most important direction. debate of the club with support, we think that We will help you Township Kazreti public schools, their teachers and very gifted students more more than get involved regional and International projects and get informal education, both in debates and in many other relevant and interesting areas“- Natali Nozadze, Public Relations Manager of RMG, announced.

The project “Debates for Better Education” was launched in 2020 in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia with the support of Gudavadze-Patarkatsishvili and various international foundations and universities. The project includes the development of the debate club network, the special training of current and future teachers in teaching debate techniques, for the purpose of professional development, and the production of scientific research, in which the members of Kazreti Debate Club are also involved.

At this stage, within the framework of the project, 60 debate clubs are actively functioning in different regions of Georgia, in which about 700 students are actively involved. Debate clubs are currently working in Kvemo Kartli, Adjara, Samegrelo, Svaneti, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Shida Kartli, Zemo Adjara, Imereti, Kakheti, Racha and Tbilisi.