With the support of RMG, the rugby team “Patara Kochebi” will travel to Monaco

The under-12 team of “Kochi” rugby club, organized by the Monaco Princess Charlene Foundation, is going to the rugby festival planned for May 4-8 in Monaco. With the support of RMG , the team of small Kochi will participate in one of the large-scale rugby tournaments named after St. Devota in Monaco, where they will compete on behalf of Georgia.

The Kochi team will participate in the 10th Jubilee Cup with a composition of 15 people, including 4 Bolnisi rugby players.

“For children, beginner athletes, the opportunity to participate in international tournaments is very important. The tournament to which our little boys are going is held under the auspices of the Princess of Monaco. Princess Charlene of Monaco’s role in stimulating interest in sports among children is very important – she supports the development of rugby worldwide and helps young rugby players to love this sport even more. We have a very close relationship with the Princess of Monaco and actively cooperate with her foundation.says Teimuraz Gafrindashvili, executive director of the rugby club “Kochebi”.

“RMG’s corporate responsibility actively supports sports, including rugby. Trying to cover this sport as a whole, we are the sponsors of the broadcasts of the official matches of the Georgian national rugby team for the 2022 season, 2019 They have been the general sponsors of the rugby club “Bolnisi Kochebi” for years We are actively involved in the promotion and promotion of children’s rugby in Bolnisi region. We think that this visit will be a particularly memorable and interesting experience for the little athletes.”says Natali Nozadze, RMG’s public relations manager.

The Monaco Princess Cup is a large-scale tournament organized by the Princess Charlene Foundation, and every year, 500 children from 50 countries around the world take part in it.

The mission of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation is to create a peaceful world where all children can develop and learn in a safe environment. For this purpose, since 2012, the foundation has organized a number of projects, and today up to 900,000 children around the world have benefited from various programs, including: learning to swim, water safety, learning sports.