With the support of RMG, the first forum of winegrowers from Bolnisi was held

The first forum of winegrowers and winemakers from Bolnisi was held under the organization of the Union of winegrowers ” Wine Bolnisi” , with the support of RMG company and Bolnisi municipality’s mayor’s office .

At the forum, Guram Avkofashvili, the founder of Wine Bolnisi, presented to the attending public a report on the activities and events carried out so far within the framework of the tripartite memorandum signed between the parties in 2018. At the event, the exhibition-tasting of Bolnisi wines held in Katowice, Poland in March, where about 70 types of wine from 25 small Bolnisi wineries were presented. At the forum, 16 winemakers were also identified, who were given the highest quality oak barrels for the production of the best wines.

During these years , we have grown and developed a lot . The first forum of winegrowers is a proof of this . I am glad that so much see mewinemaker, of wine field an expert, different states if private structure representative gathered and became known as in Bolnisi wines, Also local see mewinemakers achievements. this The year started with a special success for us . We exported Bolnisi wine to Europe to the Polish market . Which is another proof of the successful activity of the association Wine Bolnisi . Guram Avkofashvili , the founder of the union “Wine Bolnisi , said .

At the forum, Corporate Director of RMG Kakhaber Mchedlishvili spoke about the importance of being guided by the principles of sustainable development when planning and managing social projects by the company, which, according to him, made the cooperation between Bolnisi Wine, Bolnisi Municipality and the company so effective 4 years ago. Mchedlishvili also informed the guests about the progress of the Georgian German wine house project, which is being implemented in the old German district of Bolnisi.

,,we local of winemaking and of wine promotehe in the direction many the project We implement and hand We arrange it union ,,wine Bolnisas in Georgia, Well hers scope outside. GeorgianGerman of wine house right of this promotion It is a continuation , which Bolnisi will create another center of attraction for both German and foreign tourists. All this in the end locallyi winemakerObhe development and increasing the awareness of their wines will help hand.” noted RMG’s Corporate Director Kakhaber Mchedlishvili.

The forum of winemakers was attended by the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Georgia, the National Wine Agency, the mayors of Bolnisi and Dmanisi municipalities.

,,ours as local self-governance The goal is, hand to facilitate in Bolnisi of wine production and this in the direction we aredoing our best. I hope, that all soon unionwine Bolnismany local winemaker will join and Bolnisi wine again more Met good luck will reach not only regional, rather International scale.Davit Sherazadishvili , mayor of Bolnisi municipality , said .

Since 2018, the Union of Winemakers Wine Bolnis has implemented a number of interesting and useful projects with the support of the company RMG and Bolnisi Municipality . As a result of cooperation, Bolnisi wineries actively participate in local and international exhibition-competitions. They undergo various educational and seminars, receive marketing support, unlimited laboratory services in order to offer the highest quality Bolnisian wines to local and international consumers.