The winner of the “Didgoreli” contest of Mtskheta region, became an RMG scholarship-holder

In the Literary-Memorial Museum of Ilia Chavchavadze, the awarding of the finalists of the “Didgoreli” history competition of Mtskheta municipality was held.

The winner of the 9th municipality in a row and the winner of the 6-month scholarship of RMG, the 11th grade student of Mtskheta public school, Mariam Magaldadze.

“Participation in Didgoreli project is a very important experience for me. Participation in the “Didgoreli” project was very informative. The participants read a number of books and processed historical material. I am glad that I became a participant of the project, I got into the top five and took the first place.

Public schools of Mtskheti municipality participated in the history competition “Didgoreli” in the month of May. 120 students from sixteen schools of Mtskheta municipality were involved in the project from the second round.

“Didgoreli project has already been implemented in the ninth municipality. We are glad that in Mtskheta municipality, as well as in other municipalities, the “Didgoreli” project has aroused great interest among students and the involvement was high. It should be noted that each participant had very high results, which is very gratifying for us representatives of the “Didgoreli” project. – said the author of “Didgoreli” Levan Zhvania.

History competition “Didgoreli” was founded in 2019 in Tetritskaro. The purpose of the competition is to interest students in the history of Georgia and deepen their knowledge. At the moment, the number of participants involved in the project in public schools of Tetritskaro, Bolnisi, Dmanisi, Marneuli, Tsalka, Gardabani, Rustavi, Mestia and now Mtskheta municipalities has exceeded 2000. “Didgoreli” is one of the popular educational projects implemented within the framework of corporate social responsibility of RMG, which unites thousands of young students in the entire Kvemo Kartli region and beyond.

“An important direction of corporate social responsibility of RMG is the support of youth, youth initiatives and cultural-educational projects. The “Didgoreli” project is the most important project for students, which helps them get to know the history of Georgia better. That is why we support the project “Didgoreli” and the winner will traditionally be awarded a six-month scholarship from RMG . Giorgi Kobakhidze, representative of RMG, said.