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The winner of “Didgoreli” from Tsalka Municipality will receive a 6-month scholarship from RMG

In the National Library of Georgia, the awarding ceremony of the finalists of the history competition “Didgoreli” of Tsalka municipality was held.

In Kvemo Kartli, Meri Abuladze, the 11th grade student of Tsalka Public School No. 2, became the winner of the sixth-municipality in a row and the winner of RMG’s 6-month scholarship.

“Participation and victory in Didgoreli project is very important for me. Each participant worked very hard – this project gave us knowledge, experience, we asked a lot and learned a lot of interesting historical facts. I am happy that I became a resident of Didgoreli, I am sure that the experience I received within the Didgoreli project will be useful to me in the future as well”, said Meri Abuladze.

Public schools N1 and N2 of Tsalka municipality took part in the history competition “Didgoreli” in the month of October. About 300 students wrote the test in the first round of the educational project. According to the head of the project, Irakli Mikiani, the eagerness of the young people interested in the competition exceeded all expectations.

“The Didgoreli project continues to develop actively. Since the beginning of the project, a number of interesting components have been added to it. The participants of Didgoreli in Kvemo Kartli are already actively making films and are engaged in various activities that contribute to raising knowledge about the history of Georgia. In the near future, it is planned to add an international component to the Didgoreli project and take the project to European countries,” said Irakli Mikiani, head of Didgoreli.

History competition “Didgoreli” was founded in 2019 in Tetritskaro. It is one of the important educational projects implemented within the RMG’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program, which is focused on the development of the youth of the region.

“I am glad that the number of Didgoreli participants is increasing every day and the project, which was started in 2019 with the support of our company, today unites almost all the young people of Kvemo Kartli. Within the framework of corporate social responsibility, RMG regularly offers the new generation to participate in various educational, sports and cultural projects, which contributes to their personal development. We continue to communicate with these young people even after the end of the project, and I think many more interesting experiences await us with the participation of the people of Didgore,” said RMG’s Deputy Corporate Director for International and Public Relations, Irakli Shatakishvili.

History competition “Didgoreli” was founded in Tetritskaro. “Didgoreli” is a school competition that aims to popularize the history of Georgia among schoolchildren. At the moment, the number of young people involved in the project in the public schools of Tetritskaro, Bolnisi, Dmanisi, Marneuli, Gardabani and now Tsalki municipalities has reached 2000.