The first industrial tour was organized in the production area of ​​RMG.

The first industrial tour was organized at the​​RMG enterprise. Industrial Tourism RMG – is an innovative project of Rich Metals Group, within the framework of which visitors will get to know the process of gold dore alloy and copper concentrate production, see environmental measures and ecological projects, as well as the historical quarry of the ore.

Visitors to the production area will be guided on the spot by specialists in the relevant field. The first participants of the tour were 25 students who won the RMG scholarship competition.

The work on the industrial tourism development project is in active mode, an online platform is being prepared, on which interested persons will have the opportunity to register for a tour and see with their own eyes the technology of loosening ores with charges, the technologies of ore enrichment by mass leaching and flotation methods, to look into the heart of the quarry from a specially arranged viewpoint at a height of 1000 meters, and more.