The first conference of “Didgoreli” participants

in the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia, an educational project With the organization of “Didgoreli” and MG’s support, a student conference was held on the cultural heritage monuments in occupied Abkhazia.

The student conference is a new component of the “Didgoreli” project. The aim of the conference is to introduce students to the unique and forgotten monuments of cultural heritage in Georgia and to spread information about them. For the conference, the students of the school prepared papers about St. George’s Church of Ilori, Ambara Three-Church Basilica, Bedia Monastery and many other important cultural heritage monuments located in Abkhazia.

The “Didgoreli” history contest has been held since 2019 with the support of RMG and it is one of the popular educational projects implemented within the company’s corporate social responsibility, which united the entire Kvemo Kartli region and thousands of young students.

,,An important direction of corporate social responsibility of RMG is the support of cultural and educational projects in the region. This is the first conference within the framework of “Didgoreli”, which was dedicated to the research of the history of the cultural heritage monuments of Abkhazia and the evaluation of their modern state, which is very important. I think, in the end, all this will contribute to the promotion of the idea of ​​inseparability of Abkhazia from Georgia.Giorgi Kobakhidze, RMG’s specialist in cultural heritage issues.

Since its inception, a number of different components have been added to the “Didgoreli” project. This year, the papers prepared within the framework of the students’ conference will be published as one book with the support of the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia, which will be available to all interested parties in different municipalities and schools of Georgia.