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Summer School 2023 – Program Closure

The 5th wave of students have successfully undergone RMG’s one-month practical internship program. “Summer School” is RMG’s one-month paid internship program, offering students the opportunity to gain practical experience at the company’s enterprise in Daba Kazreti during their summer holidays.

During the program period, students were allocated to various departments depending on their profession and interests, such like Geology, Drilling Technologies, Mineral Processing, Mining Surveying, Geotechnics, and Mining Technologies.

“It’s been the 5th year that we carry out the student project “Summer School”; this year, 18 students from different faculties of the Georgian Technical University have participated in it. Participants passed one month on gaining enterprise practice and were involved in the company works, which is critical for the students for making a correct career decision and crucial for the employer on the journey of turning these young talents into professionals.” – Giorgi Chkheidze, Deputy Executive Director on HR Management

This program serves to expand the knowledge of students and allows them to reflect on and use the theoretical knowledge they received at the university, in practice, at the enterprise.

“This program benefited me, as a student, to develop, it was a good chance to review what are my strengths and weaknesses in this area; what I should pay more attention to while learning, and to what I should devote more time; In addition to this, seeing and getting experience from the equipment has been helpful, since theoretical knowledge alone is not enough.” – Tsotne Selimashvili, participant of Summer School 2023.

At the end of the program, students shared their experience with presentations to RMG’s management team and professors of the Georgian Technical University.

In the second part of the event, students were handed memorable gifts and all participants were awarded certificates for their interest and involvement in the project.

For the last 5 years, around 120 students of the Mining and Geological Faculty of the Georgian Technical University have participated and completed the summer school project, while 24 of them are already members of the company.

Within the company’s corporate responsibility, RMG follows the UN Sustainable Development Goals and prioritizes several of them, including the goal of quality education accessibility. In this regard, the company implements various educational initiatives, among which are the student programs implemented within the RMG-GTU Partnership: RMG Scholars’ Program, Individual Development Plan, and Summer School.