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Social responsibility with which RMG contributes to the development of small entrepreneurs from Bolnisi

Corporate social responsibility plays an important role in RMG’s activities. The company tries to create benefits in different directions and thus contribute to the development of Bolnisi. One of the first initiatives was the support of successful pupils and students, within the framework of which young people were encouraged to get an education. Then, RMG , in order to actively promote local viticulture and winemaking, started cooperation with local wineries. One of the recent initiatives is the development of small businesses in Bolnisi, including the empowerment of female entrepreneurs and the growth of local economic power. Representatives of RMG spoke to us about the importance of corporate social responsibility and new projects.

M: First of all, let’s review what is the role of corporate social responsibility for RMG and what directions does it include?

Corporate social responsibility is a strategic direction for Aremji , which is integrated into the company’s long-term development plan. Our goal is for the employees of the company to be guided by the principles of corporate sustainability during their daily activities, which in turn will contribute to the sustainable development of our business.

The company’s corporate responsibility includes the support of large social, infrastructural, agricultural, educational, cultural and sports projects in the Kvemo Kartli region.

We actively support the development of small entrepreneurs in the region and implement many projects in this direction. The cooperation with the winemakers of Bolnisia, which began in 2018, is one of the most visible projects of the company’s corporate responsibility, which, in the fourth year of the relationship, has many successful events and joint activities. Among them, the first forum of Bolnisi winegrowers held on April 12 in Bolnisi museum.

M: How do you see your role in promoting female entrepreneurs? At the moment, how are women entrepreneurs developing in Bolnisi district with RMG’s support?

The company pays great attention to the issues of women’s economic empowerment and gender equality, therefore, when planning and implementing various corporate responsibility projects in the region, we actively invite local women entrepreneurs to cooperate.

This time, Aremji offered participation in the Easter project to Bolnisa ​​entrepreneur Rusudan Kvartskhava, who is the founder of “Artisan Bakery Bio Bread” . Along with artisanal breads made with a different recipe, Rusudani has been preparing handmade bio pasques for the second year. He worked on the corporate order of RMG . It is the products made by Rusudan with great responsibility and love that the company gives as a gift to various vulnerable groups living in the region (Bolnisi Union of the Blind, beneficiaries of Daba Kazreti Socially Vulnerable Housing and Day Center for the Elderly, etc.). At the same time, Rusudan held a master class on the preparation of homemade organic pastries and a tasting of the products of “Artisanal Bakery Bio Bread” for the employees of RMG in the Kazreti office.

We think that with high social responsibility and encouraging involvement in similar projects or campaigns, we will help Rusudan and other local women entrepreneurs to become more active, self-confident and financially independent.