Miner’s Day is celebrated in RMG

On December 17, RMG dedicated a solemn event to celebrate the Miner’s Day. It is the 3rd year that the company has restored the forgotten tradition and together with 3500 employees, celebrates the professional holiday on Miner’s Day. Traditionally, the company’s management identified the five best employees of the year and presented them with Miner’s awards.

The millers of 2021 became: Archil Jakeli – assistant to the production director, Rezo Lobjanidze – assistant to the production director, Kakhaber Kekelidze – head of the copper enrichment factory, Lali Javakhishvili – head of the explosive materials warehouse and Roza Gvelesiani – engineer-constructor.

This year, the best departments of the year were also named at the first award. Miner’s Award was given to the company’s operational headquarters for the management of Covid-19 and the environmental protection department.

At the event, the executive director of the company, Tornike Lipartia, summarized the year 2021 and informed the invited guests about the challenges and achievements facing the company.

“I congratulate all our employees on Miner’s Day! I want to tell you that behind the daily activities of our company are about 3500 employees and their daily selfless work, so thank you once again to all mountaineers! Those who, even now, in different locations, clearly fulfill their duty and work for the better future of their family, region and country.” RMG’s Executive Director, Tornike Lipartia.

Representatives of local self-government, sports, cultural and educational projects involved in corporate social responsibility projects of RMG attended the solemn event.

Kakhaber Mchedlishvili, corporate director of the company, summarized the event. He informed the present public about the local and international awards received by the company this year and introduced the projects implemented within the framework of the company’s social responsibility.