RMG-TSU Memorandum of Understanding

At the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University the Memorandum of Understanding has been formed between RMG and TSU. The document was signed by RMG’s Executive Director, Joni Shubitidze, and by the Rector of Tbilisi State University – Jaba Samushia, on June 19.

Memorandum entails a versatile partnership between the parties and aims at providing internship, employment, and professional skills-development opportunities for students; engagement in the modification of learning programs, and collaboration with the university in scientific aspects.

Joni Shubitidze, RMG’s Executive Director:

“We long for signing MoUs with many other successful universities. Years ago, we started collaboration with the Georgian Technical University and by now we are offering several educational programs and employment opportunities to the students.

I believe that by signing the MoU with Tbilisi State University, we are establishing a meaningful, positive, and long-term collaboration. It is very important for us to acquire motivated youth, who obtain and develop their professional knowledge with modern programs and tools and have sheer interest in their job. The company prioritizes the Chemistry and Geology programs out of TSU’s Exact and Natural Science Faculty. Already from this year, we have the readiness to offer internship programs and employment opportunities to the students at our chemical laboratory.”

Jaba Samushia, the Rector of Tbilisi State University:

“For Tbilisi State University, this Memorandum with Rich Metals Group holds great importance, as it launches the collaboration with several projects. First, it is the opportunity for the students to do an internship at the company enterprise and take a university practicum. For the graduates, it serves as a real employment opportunity. Apart from this, engaging a university’s scientific potential in the research that the company undertakes, is significant.”

At the MoU signing event, RMG’s Executive Director invited the TSU Rector, Professors, Lecturers, and Students to an informational visit at a company enterprise in Daba Kazreti.