RMG Scholars 2023

RMG Scholarship Program 2023 Winners were awarded at the Georgian Technical University.

The scholarship program has been carried out for the 5th year since 2018; this year, 25 students obtained the stipend.

RMG announced the winners of the Scholarship Program at the Georgian Technical University (GTU). Students will obtain a one-year scholarship sponsored by the company. 

This year, around 80 students from GTU 5 faculties of Mining-Geology, Chemical Technologies and Metallurgy, Energetics, Transportation Systems and Mechanical Engineering, Informatics and Management Systems have participated in RMG’s Scholarship Program.

Students applying for the scholarship program passed a two-step individual interview process with the company management. While the main criteria for the selection process was high academic achievement, considering RMG’s CSR priorities, the encouragement of Kvemo Kartli region students was also a top focus.

In order to attract successful and motivated youth, RMG has established an annual scholarship program, which has been carried out since 2018. Initially, the project covered two faculties, while now it entails students from 5 different learning courses. 

Within the frames of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between RMG and GTU in 2017, a number of student-development-oriented projects were implemented. These programs aim at encouraging and qualifying students with high professional excellence. 

“RMG is one of the distinguished employees for GTU and specifically for the students from the Mining-Geology Faculty. Our collaboration counts its 5th year. The fact that our students do their internships, successfully work in this large corporation, and have the opportunity to learn, work, and further develop in their professions, is a major thing. In today’s awarding ceremony, we have revealed 25 students, who will hold this year’s one-year scholarship.” – Davit Gurgenidze, The Rector of Georgian Technical University. 

Motivated and high academic achieving mining-geology students also have a chance to enroll in the RMG Summer School program and gain practical experience at the enterprise for a month. Additionally, RMG annually hosts GTU Freshmen at the field practicums, where novice miners get acquainted with the entire process cycle from the largest in Transcaucasia mining company. 

In collaboration with the GTU, the company established a dual-educational project, the Individual Development Plan in 2019. The program is dedicated to creating tailored competence development programs for the participants.

“At some stage of our business-doing, it was clear that we had a gap between graduates’ qualifications and company requirements. To successfully collaborate with the young generation of miners and geologists in the future, we had to contribute to the learning process of the geology-related faculty students.

This is how a partnership between RMG and GTU started. First, we covered Mining Technologies and Applied Geology faculties, which later on also included Energetics, Ecology, the Department of Building Machines, and more. In these years, a number of students became our scholars, and we are pleased to have awarded the new wave of applicants today too. I do hope that in some time we will see many of them in the leading positions as specialists and employees of Rich Metals Group.” – Joni Shubitidze, Executive Director.

During 2018-2023, around 300 students applied for the RMG Scholars Program, while 78 young people were granted the scholarship.