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RMG donated lab inventory to the Georgian Technical University

RMG has donated field and laboratory inventory to the Georgian Technical University’s Mining-Geological Faculty.

On the 12th of June, the Mining-Geological Faculty of Georgian Technical University inherited field and laboratory work tools and equipment as a gift from Rich Metals Group. To ensure a practical experience for the students, RMG is actively engaged in GTU’s infrastructural renovation processes.

“Except for the student professional development programs, we prioritize providing university laboratories with modern equipment. Today, GTU received salient equipment for enrichment, geotechnical, and geological works. It’s important that the lecturers can guide with modern tools and equipment and share knowledge of modern lab methods with the students” – Giorgi Chkheidze, RMG’s Deputy Executive Director on HR Management.

Inventory, donated to the university within the RMG-GTU partnership will contribute to providing quality education to the learners. Apart from this, financial donations have also been made to acquire different research tools.

“We greatly appreciate that RMG supports Georgian Technical University not only with student professional support but also with the university’s technical base upgrade.
We actively use the tools donated last year for our Master’s and Doctorate research, while the inventory which we were given today – the sample processing device and the atomic-absorption analyzer, will help us a lot during the learning process, laboratory works, and research.” – Nodar Poporadze, Head of Applied Geology Department.

At the end of the day, the closing ceremony of the 3D Geological Modelling learning course was held. 3D Geological Modelling is the foundational/beginner course of RMG’s Mining-Geology Technology Center, implemented for the Mining-Geology Faculty students and it has been running for 4 months at GTU.

15 students have successfully undergone the course which entailed getting to know modern geological programs. Students presented their final assignments to Georgian Technical University academic personnel and RMG’s Executive Director.

„Creating a geological model and topographic surface, constructing boreholes, and forming ore bodies through them are some of the areas that students have worked on during this program. 3D Geological Modelling knowledge for individuals working in this field is a necessity today, but alongside this, it helps students to work on geological information and review topics independently.” – Badri Gogia, Course Lead, RMG’s Resource Geologist.

Within the RMG-GTU 5-year collaboration the company has carried out different initiatives to support quality practical education for the students, including the RMG Scholars’ ProgramIndividual Development Plan, and Summer School.  

The company annually carries out student professional development programs and significantly contributes to the development of mining-geological faculty infrastructural and lab base upgrades.