Rich Metals Group

In 2011-2012 International Investment Group purchased licenses for exploration and extraction of metal ores and existing mining enterprises of Madneuli and Kvartsiti in order to start mining activities in Georgia.

Rich Metals Group has been operating since 2012. The company inherited the technically obsolete base of the historic enterprise and the difficult financial and economic situation. 

RMG has begun work to upgrade entrails resource base, refitting and switching to modern technologies. The goal of the company was to establish the newest standards of occupational safety, professional development of more than 4,200 employees, to develop and implement world standards environmental policy, and create a business with high social responsibility.


RMG Gold picks up precious metals from the secondary quartzite ore containing gold by the heap leaching method. This technology is common in many countries around the world and is one of the widespread methods for ore beneficiation. It is characterized by efficiency and minimal negative impact on the environment.

The production cycle of RMG Gold with the heap leaching method complies with the international standards of mining activities. Increased production efficiency is ensured by highly qualified personnel, modern technologies, labor safety and environmental monitoring, the latest equipment and proper infrastructure.


Company’s Madneuli deposit belongs to the list of complex deposits in the world. Ore bodies here are presented in heterogeneous and various mineralogical forms that complicate the process of ore extraction. 

Due to this, Madneuli mine has become the subject of numerous international studies and scientific papers. Considering these factors and in order to improve the efficiency of the company, the existing copper enrichment plant and mining technical base are being upgraded and re-equipped, which is the basis for sustainable business development in the long run.


RMG Auramine Bektakari deposit, is a modern underground mining project implemented with modern technologies and methods for extraction of gold-polymetallic ores, currently processed at RMG Copper’s pilot plant.

Due to the specifics and complexity of the project, the existing RMG Copper plant for Bektakari ore processing has been equipped in accordance with an additional specially developed technological scheme. However, the works to construct new, full-scale enrichment plant are being implemented.

Caucasus Mining Group

Caucasus Mining Group, a geological exploration company, was one of the first companies of Rich Metal Group that invested up to 40 million USD to conduct exploration works in licensed areas, to arrange modern infrastructure and material-technical base.

The existence of a geological exploration company of this scale is a unique platform for the development of the geological field in Georgia in general. Geological exploration is an ongoing process. Science, which is an ancient field of Earth exploration and research, includes the protection and care of nature in itself.