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Procurement Policy

The policy of RMG Copper, RMG Gold and RMG Auramine in relation to quality, relies on ensuring high quality production, based on competent and professional staff, extensive experience and gained trust.

The quality management system focuses on improving performance discipline, work results, personal responsibility, regulating and organizing the procurement process.

The quality management system applies to the process of ensuring the procurement of goods/services by the company. The main purpose of the process is: to exclude (terminate) the purchase of products/services of inadequate quality, which may damage the quality of products and services provided by the company.

The process includes:

  •       Procurement planning and organizing
  •       Procurement methods and their selection procedure
  •       Selection and evaluation of the procurement supplier
  •       Procurement
  •       Procurement documentation
  •       Inspection of purchased products (input control)

The company takes responsibility for improving its effectiveness of the quality management system by introducing and using monitoring, analysis and evaluation tools, setting measurable goals and objectives, as well as identifying and evaluating risks and opportunities.

The company cares about its reputation in the community, the development of social responsibility, and economic development in the region. To ensure the above-mentioned company:

Every employee of the company participates in the performance of the set task, knows his / her rights and realizes personal responsibility in the production process.