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New chemical analysis laboratory in RMG

RMG’s new, modern equipment-equipped chemical analysis laboratory was ceremonially opened by the executive director of RMG, Tornike Lipartia, together with other managers of the company.

A new building equipped with modern equipment was built for the chemical analysis laboratory, in which all international labor safety standards are observed. Based on the specifics of the activity, a one-story building was specially designed for the laboratory, which facilitates the efficient operation and management of the laboratory 24/7.

“Chemical analysis laboratory is an important structural unit for the company. Every day, more than 500 samples taken from various technological processes are analyzed in this laboratory. The obtained results are sent to the relevant services, which make decisions based on the results of this analysis,” said David Kuprava, head of RMG Quality Control Service.

The laboratory is equipped with high-quality spectrometers and various modern equipment necessary for conducting sample analysis. There are 7 thematic cabinets in the laboratory, in which samples are taken, classified, processed, electronically registered, recorded and the analysis results are sent to the relevant services every day.

“One of the most important links, the chemical laboratory, was renovated. The mentioned project, on the one hand, provides for the improvement of working conditions for the employees, and on the other hand, the implementation of modern technologies in our enterprises .

The chemical analysis laboratory is one of the important projects that RMG implemented in 2021 as part of the technological retooling and modernization program.