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Modern technologies

The sustainable development of Aremji Group involves the introduction of modern technologies and approaches with international experience corresponding to high standards.

Based on the experience of the world’s leading mining companies, since 2016 the company has started the complete modernization of old enterprises. In the process of modernization, environmental and labor safety programs were defined as the priority of the company.

The mining industry consists of large and complex production cycles, the correct planning and management of which is the most important task of the management team of the group of companies. In this regard, the Aremji course is completely focused on new technologies, the largest international manufacturers, sharing the experience of world-renowned mining companies and modern approaches.

The project of complete retooling of Aremji Koper copper enrichment plant involves cooperation with global international companies. These companies are: Finnish Metso-Outotec, Canadian design company Bumigeme, British Weir Group, HATCH – Canadian multidisciplinary engineering company.