Labor safety

The Health and Occupational Safety Service operates in RMG to ensure compliance with international occupational safety standards. 

In 2017, RMG started to introduce the modern standard of occupational health and safety – OHSAS 18001 (now ISO-45001) that provides the identification of hazards and risk assessments, develops health and occupational safety programs to improve the system, defines roles, responsibilities, and authorities of the staff, establishes a staff training base and regular trainings to improve staff qualifications.

RMG has implemented and activated the following occupational health and labor safety protection measures:

Access to health insurance services on the territory of the enterprise and also in Kazreti is provided by family doctors allocated within the corporate insurance framework, meaning:
  • Monitoring the health status of the insured and a medical card opening;
  • Insurance case coordination and management; Additional consultations and/or examinations;
  • Appointment of treatments and agreement with doctors/specialists;
  • Subscribing to a medical warranty letter;
  • Medical recommendations-sharing to establish a healthy lifestyle.
Services are available for the company’s employees in all regions of Georgia.

There are 24-hour medical offices on the territory of the enterprise, where doctors and nurses provide first aid to employees. The medical units are equipped with first aid medicines and an ambulance vehicle.

Since 2014 the company has created a social fund under which the company’s employees receive assistance based on various needs. The company has been cooperating with the National Screening Center for several years and by mutual agreement, various screening programs and periodic medical examinations are carried out for the employees of the company.