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Environmental protection

RMG management team pays special attention to compliance with local and international standards in the field of environmental protection during mining and ore processing.

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Environmental Impact

Ensuring Best

The Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia,  holds control over RMG’s implementation of environmental projects and measures, within the specified period; in addition, the implementation of environmental projects are monitored by the Working Group on Environmental Pollution in the Kvemo Kartli Region under the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources of the Parliament of Georgia (Organization Green Policy Public and Scientific – Research Platforms and Sakdrisi Committee for Cultural Heritage”).

RMG creates the most secure work environment for employees, contractors and locals. In the field of mining, the company operates with minimal impact on the environment.

The company annually carries on with execution of environmental programs, introduces new, modern environmental technologies, and has the best results among the mining companies in Georgia in this regard.

RMG management team always adheres to the principles of environmental policy and requires support from each employee in this process in order to achieve defined goals.





waste management

Since 2018, within the framework of the environmental program, RMG has implemented a number of projects. Pike-perch (Lucioperca) returning to Georgia is one of the successful projects.

As a result of the cooperation between RMG and the magazine Wild Nature, one of the prominent representatives of the ichthyofauna Pike-perch (Lucioperca – family of perch) was brought back to the rivers and lakes of Georgia. Since the beginning of 2019, a number of scientists, international foundations, and foreign experts have been working on this project, which ultimately made it possible to set the first precedent for the legal transfer of live fish from Azerbaijan to Georgia.

Initially, several thousand fish were handed over to the National Agency of Wild Nature of Georgia to observe and share experiences with Georgian and Azerbaijani ichthyologists.

In the second stage of the project, for the long-term success of Pike-perch (Lucioperca) reintroduction, additionally brought to Georgia the so-called Mother group that allows millions of fish to be released into the rivers of Georgia every year. The imported Mother group was placed in several lakes. Already in the summer and autumn of 2020, hundreds of thousands of Pike-perch (Lucioperca) were launched to test in the rivers of Eastern Georgia, including Kvemo Kartli.