RMG Group companies: Caucasus Mining Group, RMG Copper, RMG Gold and RMG Auramain are the largest employers in Georgia and, in particular, in the Kvemo Kartli region. About 4,200 people work in these companies, 90% of whom are local residents.

A successful business is a great potential for employment and professional promotion of the population. Modern approaches, positive dynamics and development of the management team of RMG Group mean the training of more professionals, the creation of additional jobs and the development perspective of the region.

There is an employee training center “Educational Academy” at the RMG base, which carries out periodic training of personnel employed in the company with the involvement of Georgian and international experts. The company provides employees with appropriate education and training in the direction of environmental protection and labor safety.

In order to attract new personnel, RMG works closely with the Technical University of Georgia and other higher educational institutions, where hundreds of young people learn mining and related professions.

RMG Human Resources Program provides for social assistance to employees’ families. In times of need, any employee of the company has the opportunity, based on appropriate justification, to benefit from the company’s social assistance, which creates an additional incentive for collegiality, teamwork and corporateness.