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Strong Company, for Strong Georgia!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is one of the strategically important focus areas for RMG. For hundreds of projects supported around arts, sportsmen and sports teams, creative youth, construction of Bolnisi Museum, local and international conferences, competitions, cultural heritage programs, and biodiversity conservation, RMG has invested more than GEL 50 Million since 2012.

Bolnisi Winemakers Support

Bolnisi is a promising PDO place on the Georgian wine map. In recent years, local winemakers restored the ancient Georgian tradition of making wines in Qvevri (Kvevri – clay pot vessel) and the name of Bolnisi Wines spread outside Georgia.

In 2018, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between RMG, the Wine Bolnisi Associationand the Bolnisi Municipality, according to which RMG took responsibility to promote the production, promotion, and development of Bolnisi wines.

Within the annual funding from RMG, the resources are allocated to strengthening the qualification of the winemakers, promoting wine products, and presenting Bolnisi beverages at various international competitions in Georgia and abroad.

With the aim to further develop the Bolnisi Winemakers Support Program, RMG opened a Georgian-German Wine House in Bolnisi, where the wines of the association member cellars are presented for tasting and commercial purposes.

Georgian-German Wine House

With the dedicated responsibility on Bolnisi Winemakers support, RMG bought a centuries-old German house in Bolnisi and renovated it with its authentic visual. The house opened on June 17, 2023, during the Bolnisi PDO Wine Festival and serves as a common space for local winemakers with the name of Georgian-German Wine House.

Georgian-German Wine House accommodates wine beverages of Bolnisi Winemakers, presentation, and wine degustation areas, where guests are welcome to taste and buy Bolnisi wines.

The historical house, located at Mill Street #8 (Tsiskvili Street) in Bolnisi, was the house of the teacher and the writer in Katharinenfeld (Bolnisi) and Elisabetthal (Asureti), back in those times. 

The house has been restored with the collaboration of the German Cultural Heritage Association in the South Caucasus. 

The project aims to promote Bolnisi Wines in the local and international arena.

Cultural Heritage Program

Within the framework of the Cultural Heritage Protection and RMG’s Social Responsibility programs throughout Georgia, a cultural heritage protection program has been carried out since 2017 together with the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia. During the program, with RMG’s financial support, seven national cultural heritage monuments were rehabilitated, and/or archeological research works were carried out in the following areas:

  • Bolnisi Sioni
  • Satkhe Monastery Complex
  • Pitareti Monastery
  • Samshvilde Town
  • Chelishi Monastery Complex
  • Alaverdi Monastery Complex
  • Old Shuamta Monastery

Since 2021, projects for two monuments of the Kvemo Kartli region – Abulmugi Bath and the Khuluti Castle were added to the cultural heritage support program. 

The company’s program for the protection of Georgia’s cultural heritage was initiated by the shareholders of Rich Metals Group.

Rehabilitation works of several monuments included in the program (Pitareti Monastery, Satkhe Monastery, Samshvilde Town, Abulmugi Bath, Khuluti Castle) are carried out with the collaboration of the Public Association Sakdrisi Committee for Cultural Heritage and under their monitoring.

Bolnisi Museum

In 2020, a new museum was opened in Bolnisi. The museum building, which meets international standards, has permanent and temporary exhibition spaces. Archaeological materials and works of scientific importance are exhibited in the exhibition spaces, mainly from the collections of the Georgian National Museum and also from the Bolnisi Museum of Local Lore.

Funds, science laboratories, an auditorium equipped with modern technologies, a library, and public spaces are placed in the museum building. Altogether, the Bolnisi Museum combines the exhibition and cultural-educational spaces, study, lecture halls, and media library. The museum complex allows visitors to get acquainted with the rich past and cultural history of Georgia and the region.

The preparation of the Bolnisi Museum architectural project, ensuring alignment with international standards, construction, and equipping of the facility was carried out with RMG’s full support.

Culture Support

RMG is an active supporter of art ensembles and educational circles in the region. This gives local teenagers the opportunity to study dancing, singing, and painting for free. More than 700 young people study in the art studios funded by RMG annually.

Company RMG patronages choreographic ensembles Madneuli, Martve, and Dmanisi in Kazreti and Dmanisi, an Art studio Palitra, and children’s pop ensemble Imedi.

RMG annually supports various social projects for artists living in Kvemo Kartli. This gives creative people the opportunity to hold exhibitions, publish their own works, and stage performances, and hold musical events.

In terms of promoting professional cultural education, RMG supports the young pianist, Sandro Gegechkori. Sandro is one of the brilliant representatives of the new generation – already a successful musician both in his homeland and abroad, and holding awards in many international competitions.

Educational Support

Supporting successful pupils and students across Georgia, organizing non-formal educational projects, and assigning RMG scholarships to excellent students – are important areas of the company’s social responsibility.

Student Programs

RMG Scholars – The RMG Scholars Program is one of the distinguished student support programs of the company; the program is carried out within the framework 2017 memorandum and provides annual scholarships for excellent students of the Mining, Geology, Chemical Technology, and Metallurgy Faculty of the Georgian Technical University. Hundreds of students from different faculties of the GTU have been holding RMG scholarships for these years.

Summer School – RMG Summer School project aims to develop the talents of highly qualified professionals by offering one-month paid internships to the Mining and Geology Faculty students of Georgian Technical University.

The project is implemented annually and by now already 120 students have participated in it. During the internship students undergo practical trainings, related to their professions, in all key structural units of the company.

Non-formal Education

RMG’s education support programs focus on the objective of providing quality education to school and university students and include not only higher education but also the promotion of non-formal education among youngsters. 

To encourage non-formal educational activities, the company carries out projects like the history contest “Didgoreli”, the “Debates Club” and the “Ideas Lab”.

“Didgoreli” is a competition for school students and aims to promote the history of Georgia in public and private schools of the region. Since 2019, the project has been held in all municipalities of the Kvemo Kartli region. During these years, more than 2200 high-school students have participated in the competitions. Winners of the contest from different municipalities are awarded a 6-month scholarship/stipend.

Participants of “Didgoreli” participate in different conferences, organized within this project, and attend educational tours that are arranged for them, to get to know the historical aspects of various places in Georgia.

RMG’s Ideas Laboratory is an educational project that intends to promote and develop a social responsibility sense among high school students of the region and encourage their involvement in the region’s civic life. The project entails the selection of motivated seniors who undergo trainings in various areas in the Ideas Lab. At the end of the training, the implementation of the best Green Environment and Social Relations projects is fully funded by RMG. 

In 2022 pupils from the public schools of Kazreti joined the “Debates Club” project. The project goal is to upskill and develop a debate culture amongst high-school students. 

Sports support

RMG aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, and support young athletes of beginner and professional levels.

RMG supports famous judokas, Olympic and World Champions – Vazha Margvelashvili, Beka Ghviniashvili, and Lasha Shavdatuashvili.

The company plays an important role in rugby support. Since 2019, RMG has supported the rugby club “Kochebi”, which plays in the “Big Ten”. RMG sponsors the broadcasting of the official matches of the Georgian National Rugby Team.

RMG is the general sponsor of Sandro Bazadze, the Georgian fencer. Bazadze holds #1 place based on FIE (Fédération Internationale d’Escrime) listing.

Sandro Bazadze’s successful example and the World Cup held in Tbilisi with RMG’s support, motivated many young people in Georgia to follow fencing.

Since 2016, RMG has been the general sponsor of FC Bolnisi Sioni, a club with a great football history.

The company supports freestyle wrestling, youth football, rugby, arm wrestling, mixed martial arts, and chess clubs in Bolnisi and Dmanisi, as well as in Tetritskaro municipalities, where hundreds of young people are involved in various sports.