“Bolnisi – the Town of Golden Wine”

A presentation-tasting of Bolnisi wines was held in the Bolnisi Museum, organized by the Union of Winemakers “Gvino Bolnisi”, with the support of Bolnisi Municipality City Hall and RMG.

At the event, 38 best wines from 15 Bolnisi wineries, evaluated by the “Georgian Wine Guild” according to the international standard of OIV, were presented.

“Bolnisi is an ancient wine-growing region and town, which many people do not know. Since the foundation of the association, we have been actively trying to introduce the Bolnisi region and the Bolnisi wine culture to the public. Today’s event also serves this purpose – to introduce Bolnisi as a golden wine city to wine lovers and wine-related society.

Within the framework of the event, at the gala dinner held in the German mill, gastronomic tourism expert Keti Kvichidze and chef Misha Avsajanishvili served the invited guests dishes inspired by the traditional authentic cuisine of Kvemo Kartli and specially paired Bolnisi wines. Also, a presentation of the “Bovi” cocktail specially created for this day was held on the spot.

“Especially for the event, chef Daduna Ghlonti and I created dishes related to Bolnisi and Bolnisi culture. These are the dishes that will become Bolnisi’s business card and will be presented in local restaurants and hotels very soon,” said chef Misha Avsajanishvili.

Within the framework of “Bolnisi – The Town of Golden Wine, Discover Bolnisi Wines”, the event was attended by representatives of various state agencies, technologists, representatives of the hospitality sector and industry experts.

The Wine Bolnisi Association was formed in 2018 and unites more than 40 small family wineries. Many interesting and useful projects were implemented as a result of the memorandum of cooperation signed between the union, RMG and Bolnisi municipality. RMG contributes to the union of winemakers, to the production and promotion of the best Bolnisian wines.

“Another excellent event, “Bolnisi – The Town of Golden Wine” was held with the co-organization and support of RMG. Excellent Bolnisi wines were evaluated by a special jury and awarded by the Wine Guild. We think that similar events are very important for local winemakers and will promote the development of local winemaking,” said RMG’s Corporate Director, Kakhaber Mchedlishvili.