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RMG won the National Business Award and the Grand Prize at the 21st Business Rating Awards

Traditionally, the best companies selected by experts were named at the 21st award of the media holding “Georgian Times” business rating. This year, the company RMG became the winner of the national business award and grand prize.

Along with the Grand Prix, RMG won three additional nominations at the business rating ceremony. These nominations are: for the technological modernization of mining production, Transitional Award – for the support of Bolnisi Winemaking and Media’s Choice Company Award, revealed by secret voting at the event.

The award for technological modernization of mining production was given to the production director of the company, Koba Menabdishvili. According to him, since 2017, the complete retooling of production has been started in RMG, which is being carried out with the involvement of international partners.

“I think the award for technical modernization was timely, because we have been actively working in this direction for the 4th year. Along with environmental protection and labor safety, our priority is to renew production and retool it. The process is already at the final stage. The mentioned award will give our team even more responsibility to complete the work started on time and with quality. Of course, behind any award are the employees of our company. People to whom I would like to thank and share our success. Koba Menabdishvili said .

“We are in high spirits, we are very happy. We were very unexpectedly awarded in such nominations, which we really did not expect. I think such awards are very important for business. Today, both Georgia and the whole world are at the stage of fighting against the pandemic, so such stimulating measures are really welcome,” said Irakli Shatakishvili, Deputy Corporate Director of RMG.

At the 21st award of the “Georgian Times” business rating, 16 best companies and businessmen of 2020-2021 were identified. According to the organizers, the goal of the project is: determination of the most successful sectors in national business, support of dialogue between business, government and society. Presentation of new promising companies and, most importantly, attracting the attention of the world business community to Georgian business.