RMG will open a mining-geological technology center at the Technical University of Georgia

On the initiative of RMG, a center for innovative mining and geological technologies will be opened on the basis of the Faculty of Mining and Geology of the Technical University of Georgia.

From the 2021-2022 academic year, the RMG Technology Center will create a completely new platform for studying computer support programs for students of all three levels: mining and geoengineering, geology, engineering geodesy, engineering safety and emergency management.

In the mining-geological technology center, students will be greeted by a new multifunctional space equipped with modern computer equipment. Modern computer programs such as AutoCAD, Surpac, ArcGis, Riscan Pro, Datamine, Leapfrog, Agisoft, 3D Reshaper, Leica Geo Office, Global Mapper and others will be gradually introduced. The center will enable undergraduate students, master’s and doctoral students to work on course, master’s and doctoral theses on a high-tech basis, as well as to engage in international projects, conferences, workshops, seminars and webinars with a powerful programmatic support base.

,,Students arriving at the Technical University of Georgia at the beginning of the academic year will be greeted with pleasant news. It is a newly arranged mining-geological technology center equipped with various modern equipment. In the mentioned space, students of the Faculty of Mining and Geology will have the opportunity to study modern mining and geological programs. Specialists with knowledge of similar programs are in great demand both in Georgia and throughout the world, and accordingly, their remuneration is high. We enable students to explore promising professions and be employed in leading positions in our companies at the same time. The mentioned knowledge and experience will make them competitive in the international labor marketGiorgi Chkheidze, Deputy Executive Director of Aremji in Human Resources Management.

The mining-geological technological center is the result of many years of close cooperation between Aremji and Technical University and it aims to develop the direction of mining-geology in Georgia.