RMG’s Mining and Geological Technologies Center was opened at the Technical University of Georgia

RMG, on the basis of the Mining and Geological Faculty of the Technical University of Georgia, opened an innovative mining and geological technology center .

At the ceremonial event, RMG’s Executive Director Tornike Lipartia and GTU Rector Davit Gurgenidze signed the updated action plan within the framework of the existing memorandum between the parties. The updated plan envisages offering a number of interesting projects to students.

Tornike Lipartia, Executive Director of RMG: “Education promotion and student support is one of the priorities of our company’s CSR program. Technical University of Georgia, I think, is the school that combines the professions we all need. I am glad that the new mining-geological technology center will be open to students of different levels who, along with theoretical knowledge, will study different and modern technologies on the ground.”

RMG Mining and Geological Technology Center is a multifunctional educational platform equipped with brand new modern equipment. The center will allow undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students to work on course, master’s and doctoral theses on a high-tech basis. Also, the powerful program base in the center will give students the opportunity to successfully position themselves in international projects, conferences, workshops and webinars.

Davit Gurgenidze, Rector of the Technical University of Georgia: “Today is an important day in the life of the Technical University of Georgia and RMG.” We once again confirmed the mutual cooperation that we have been serving together for many years. It is the graduates of the mining faculty, the engineers, technologists who serve this field. Young people, employers, universities are engaged together in the work that will later put them on the path called the development of countries.

RMG managers and heads of various departments, as well as invited Georgian and international specialists, will periodically hold lectures and seminars at the technology center.

It should be noted that the mining-geological technology center is the result of successful cooperation between Aremji and Technical University and it aims to develop the direction of mining-geology in Georgia.