RMG made a presentation on the company’s corporate social responsibility at CSR FORUM 2022

Marriott Hotel hosted the CSR FORUM 2022 organized by media holding The FINANCIAL, where business leaders talked about this year’s challenges and corporate social responsibility.

At the regular 7th forum, the corporate director of the company, Kakhaber Mchedlishvili, presented to the public the current CSR projects, which the company implements to support the local people.

“I think that CSR FORUM is a very important event for businesses, which helps raise awareness of corporate responsibility and its implementation in the daily activities of both small and large businesses. I am glad that for the second time we have the opportunity to share with the public the CSR projects implemented by our company recently and their results, which includes about 70 ongoing CSR projects and about 3000 beneficiaries,” said RMG Corporate Director Kakhaber Mchedlishvili.

Guram Akvofashvili, the founder of Bolnisi wine union, also presented himself to the society present at the CSR forum, who spoke about the achievements, international success and future plans of the Bolnisi winemakers’ union.

RMG is our strong partner who actively supports Bolnisi winemaking and contributes to its development. It is as a result of our partnership, which started in 2018, that Bolnisi wine is already well-known both in the local and international markets. I am glad that we were given the opportunity to introduce Bolnisi, our union and Bolnisian wines to the business community at the CSR Forum.

The CSR Forum, organized by The FINANCIAL and supported by UNDP and the President of Georgia, has been held for the seventh year and allows businesses to share corporate social responsibility approaches and results.

Since 2018, corporate social responsibility has become a direction of strategic importance in RMG’s activities. Since 2012, RMG has invested more than 20 million USD in the field of culture, sports, education, promotion and support of creative young people living in the Kvemo Kartli region, local sports and cultural circles, as well as small entrepreneurs.