RMG made a presentation on the company’s corporate social responsibility at CSR FORUM 2021

Hotel Radisson hosted the CSR FORUM 2021 organized by media holding The FINANCIAL, where companies talked about their corporate social responsibility.

The CSR Forum is an event of live presentations, the purpose of which is to present the projects implemented by socially responsible companies and their results. At the event, EU ambassador Carl Hartzell, the UNDP Georgia representative Anna Chernyshova, Japanese and French ambassadors to Georgia spoke about the importance of corporate social responsibility.

RMG is the general sponsor of the 6th CSR FORUM. The corporate director of the company presented all the important projects to the society, which the company implements within the framework of corporate social responsibility.

“I think that such forums are very important to raise awareness about corporate social responsibility. I am glad that we were given the opportunity to share our experience with other companies and to introduce our policy in this direction to the interested groups in more detail. Our team believes that properly planned corporate social responsibility is directly related to the company’s success. It’s not just a big and powerful business thing to do, everyone can contribute to the development of our country, different regions, environment or local community. RMG’s Corporate Director Kakhaber Mchedlishvili.