RMG was awarded with an International Award of Leader of the Year based on the number of employees

At the 12th awarding ceremony of the Swiss Rating Association and the National Business Ratings Association, RMG Company was awarded the Leader of the Year award for the third time. The company was given the leader status, based on the objective ranking, this time with the criterion of the number of employees.

“Our company won this award for the third time. Despite two difficult, pandemic years, we managed to create 740 new jobs, which we think is important for our company, the region and the sustainable development of our country. RMG is a leading company in the field of mining in Georgia and a leader in terms of employment in this field,” said Giorgi Chkheidze, RMG’s deputy executive director for human resources management.

The Union of Business Ratings was established in 2003 and unites eight countries of the Eastern Partnership, including Georgia since 2015. The Swiss Rating Association became a partner of the Business Ratings Union in 2017, and from this period business companies are awarded the joint international Leader of the Year award of the National Business Ratings Union and the Swiss Rating Association. Companies are nominated for the international award based on data such as the company’s annual turnover, the number of employees, and the amount contributed to the state budget, among others.

At this year’s ceremony, international awards were presented to a total of 30 Georgian and international companies. RMG received this award for the second time.