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RMG’s Individual Development Program for Students

RMG held a presentation of Individual Development Program for GTU students at the Center of Mining and Geological Technologies. Within the framework of the project, the students selected as a result of the competition and two-stage interviews, the Human Resources Management Department of RMG will offer a dual education plan tailored to their competencies and interests.

Giorgi Chkheidze the company’s deputy executive director for human resource management, spoke about this and called students to join the project.

I think that this is a very good opportunity for students to get to know not only their chosen professions, but also the full cycle of our company’s work and the specifics of the work of individual services. Conditionally, after 1 year, the project participant has a complete idea of ​​how minerals are extracted, processed and sold. What is the role of occupational safety and aspects of environmental protection in daily activities and othersChkheidze explained.

In 2020, 5 students were involved in the individual development project of RMG, who successfully completed the training program specially prepared for them and are currently employed by the company. Within the framework of the project, an average of 1 year will be devoted to the individual development of the participant, and students will be paid during its course.

Mary Lekishvili – student of the Faculty of Geology: “I am a student of the 3rd year of the Faculty of Geology. I learned about the project from professors and teachers. I think the individual development program is a very cool opportunity for our future professional development. As I heard at the presentation, there is a very diverse and interesting development plan for the students selected within the project. I was very interested in the possibility of obtaining knowledge in the direction of labor safety and ecology.

Levan Ratian – student of the Faculty of Chemical Technologies and Metallurgy: “ I am a 2021 scholarship holder of RMG, and at the same time I am doing an internship in the geological laboratory of the company. Since the day I joined the company, I have been very interested in what is happening in other laboratories, I wanted to visit them and get to know the full technological cycle. I think this project is exactly for curious people like me. I will definitely take part and I really hope that I will become one of the participants of the individual development project.”

Students of the technical direction of the Technical University of Georgia can participate in the individual development program of RMG. They should send their personal details, academic report card and motivation letter to by November 29, 2021.