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RMG’s Corporate Sustainability Document

RMG’s new Corporate Sustainability Document was signed at the company’s central office in Kazreti.

The company representatives share that the approval of such a document is an important step forward. With this action, both – the company’s management and employees reassert their willingness to conduct mining activities with the utmost responsibility.

The Corporate Sustainability Document includes 9 priority areas, accompanied by specific goals and action plans necessary for their attainment.

The company takes responsibility to ensure alignment with the principles of workplace health and safety, as well as universally recognized human rights. Additionally, it commits to fostering economic growth, protecting the environment, and safeguarding transparency and compliance.

“With joining the United Nations Global Compact Network in 2022, we publicly declared our commitment to run our business in compliance with sustainability aspects. By approving this document, grounded on our core values and principles, we once again reiterate our strong belief that sustainability is one of the essential prerequisites for our long-term operations.

The company’s revised business strategy includes modern ethical, social, environmental, and cultural considerations, and we believe this comprehensive approach will serve the long-term development and stability of our business” – Joni Shubitidze, Executive Director of RMG.