RMG – Corporate Social Responsibility 2020

  • Infrastructure in Kazreti – In 2020, 15,000 square meters of roads were rehabilitated in Kazreti, 6 squares were improved, attractions were installed in the kindergartens of Kazreti and Balichi village.
  • Sport – since 2020, RMG has been a supporter of Olympic and World Judo Champions – Vazha Margvelashvili, Beka Ghviniashvili and Lasha Shavdatuashvili. The company plays an important role in supporting rugby and football. RMG is the general sponsor of Kochebi Rugby Club and Bolnisi Football Club Sioni. For years, the company has been sponsoring monthly freestyle wrestling, youth football, rugby, arm wrestling, mixed martial arts and chess clubs in both Bolnisi and Dmanisi, as well as Tetritskaro municipalities, where up to 1000 young people learn different types of sports.
  • Employee support – in this direction, the company carries out many activities: including employee health insurance/monitoring, transportation, free meals. A number of large-scale projects were implemented within the direction in 2020. Miner’s Day is important, within the framework of which employees with special merits are rewarded, and are awarded with the vacations to spend holidays in Georgia, within the framework of which about 500 employees and their family members took vacations and enjoyed time within the country’s resorts.
  • Bolnisi wine – local winemakers/vintners restored the ancient Georgian tradition of putting wine in a pitcher and took the name of Bolnisi wine outside of Georgia. Within the framework of the annual funding received from Aremji , the qualification of winemakers is raised, their wine is promoted, and Bolna wine is presented at various international competitions in Georgia and abroad. In 2020, despite the pandemic, winemakers poured 26,000 bottles of wine together.
  • Culture – RMG is an active supporter of artistic ensembles and educational circles in the region . Local teenagers have the opportunity to learn dancing, singing and painting for free. Every year more than 700 students study in art studios sponsored by RMG.
  • Caring for biodiversity – within the framework of the project, hundreds of thousands of carp, one of the prominent representatives of the ichthyofauna, were released into the rivers and lakes of Georgia.
  • Educational projects – RMG implements many educational projects. including STU’s scholarship program and non-formal education projects. Regional educational projects include: summer school, laboratory of ideas, Didgoreli history competition, Etalon.
  • COVID 19 – Since the spread of COVID 19 in Georgia, one of RMG’s main priorities, along with taking care of the health and safety of its employees, has been the presentation of effective initiatives supporting the local community in the region and their rapid implementation.