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RMG Continues Bolnisi Winemakers’ Support Program

At the Georgian-German Wine House in Bolnisi, the agreement between RMG, the Bolnisi Municipality City Hall, and the Wine Bolnisi Association has been signed. The agreement addresses the continuation of collaboration between the parties in order to promote Bolnisi wines and support local winemakers.

The agreement is an addition to the Memorandum of Understanding, formed in 2018, and aims at upgrading the 6-year partnership to a new level.

With the signatories to the MoU and the 2 independent members from the Wine Bolnisi Association, the working group will be formed and work on the development of Bolnisi Winemaking and raising awareness about it abroad.

„It’s symbolic that the three of us signed this MoU in 2018 and started this very fruitful collaboration. Fruitful and beneficial for the small entrepreneurs of Bolnisi, whose wines are today presented in the Georgian-German Wine House. The wine house is our CSR project, executed to strengthen our support for Bolnisi Winemakers. 
The last 5 years and the outcomes of it allow me to have optimistic predictions about our future endeavors also. The creation of the working group will ensure the transparency of all processes and encourage stronger engagement of the winemakers.” – Joni Shubitidze, RMG’s Executive Director.

„Since we started the collaboration, our viticulturists and winemakers have been provided with various beneficial opportunities. Almost all types of services are now available for them both with RMG’s support, as well as with the financial support of the European Union, within which the Agrocenter is functioning in the Bolnisi city.
I thank the company for its contribution to developing winemaking in Bolnisi; I am glad that we are going further with switching on to the next part of development. This is the time when the resources contributed to this initiative will return positively to our population.” – Davit Sherazadishvili, The Mayor of Bolnisi Municipality.

„Today is a very important day for me. 5 years ago, when we were signing this MoU with Mr. Davit and Mr. Joni, we decided and set the goal to care about Bolnisi and join our forces to showcase this amazing place with its centuries-old traditions and diverse winemaking practice to a wider society.  
Today Bolnisi wines are famous in several countries, but of course, this is not enough and we should keep on working with more efforts. In several days we are travelling to Dusseldorf with RMG’s support, and have the opportunity to present Bolnisi wines to 500 guests at a very respectable event. This is an amazing opportunity and the outcome of our joint work, resulting in the chance to bring our wines to Europe.” – Guram Avkopashvili, founder of the Wine Bolnisi Association.