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RMG celebrated the Miner’s Day

On December 17, the RMG held a solemn event dedicated to Miner’s Day. It has been the 4th year that the forgotten tradition has been revived in the company, and together with more than 4,000 employees, a professional holiday – Miner’s Day – is celebrated every year on this day.

At the festive event held in the theater, the management of the company, together with the invited guests, identified the 7 best employees of the year and presented them with the honorary award of the Miner of the Year .

At the event, the executive director of the company, Joni Shubitidze, addressed the invited guests and the company’s employees and thanked them for their work.

“I congratulate every employee on Miner’s Day. 10 years have passed since RMG was established and we are very happy to celebrate this day in such a solemn way. It is important that in recent years we had a lot of innovations in terms of retooling and renewal of production, as well as improvement of ecology and social issues. I think these beneficial changes give us the opportunity to celebrate and congratulate each other on the Miner’s Day” stated Joni Shubitidze.

The miners of 2022 became: Luiza Gvaradze – floater of the enrichment factory; Emzar Kaflanishvili – excavator operator operating heavy machinery; Albert Kusian – Deputy Head of Construction and Repair Works Service; Dazmir Zurabishvili – head foreman of the watershed area; Nina Paniani – human resources management department affairs manager; Shota Oniani – sampling geologist of the main geological service; Mokhubat Ibragimov – locksmith-turner of the motor vehicle repair workshop. – These people have been working in the company for many decades and have contributed to its development.

In 2019, by the decision of the management of RMG , the Miner’s Day was established as a corporate day and declared a holiday for more than 4,000 employees employed in the company.