RMG Auramine was awarded the ISO certificate confirming the high standard of labor safety

RMG Auramine , a company included in the RMG group, obtained the ISO 45001 certificate, which confirms the high standard of labor safety and health protection in the company.

The ISO 45001 certificate represents the international standard of the management system and aims to create safe and acceptable workplaces in the company, to prevent work-related injuries and health deterioration, and to continuously improve its performance in the field of health protection and safety equipment.

At RMG Auramine, the implementation of ISO 45001 started in 2020, and now with the successful completion of the certification process, RMG will be able to offer an even higher occupational safety and health protection standard to its employees. The standard will be updated every three years, and the proper functioning of the implemented system will be checked annually by an independent audit.

“I am glad that the compliance of the management system in our company with the ISO 45001 international standard in the field of labor safety and protection was confirmed by an independent certification body. This makes us even more responsible to carry out daily underground work in our enterprise in accordance with international standards and in full compliance with labor safety rules.” – Director of RMG Auramine Tornike Lipartia noted .

RMG Auramine’s Bektakari mine in Bolnisi municipality is a three-mine project implemented with modern technologies, where polymetallic ore is mined underground.