An American expert visited RMG’s Georgian-German Wine House

In Bolnisi, the Georgian-German Wine House purchased by RMG as part of social responsibility was visited by Mary Kay Judy, an American expert on architectural and cultural heritage conservation.

Mary Kay Judy, who has been carrying out conservation-restoration assessment-expertise of cultural heritage legislation and architectural monuments in Georgia since 1998, gave a high rating to the restoration work carried out in the Georgian-German wine house.

“I have seen many monuments of Georgian cultural heritage, but until now I had no information about Germans living in Georgia since 1817 and their settlements. This is my first visit to Bolnisi and I am impressed with what I saw. I’m particularly impressed by the attitude I see towards the house – the authenticity, the attention to detail, how right you are about integrating the house with its history. The house is being restored to the highest standards and I’m sure it will be a very good project,” said Mary Kay Judy, an expert in architectural and cultural heritage conservation.

The restoration of the century-old house located at Tsiskvili number 8, which belonged to Immanuel Valker, a teacher and writer working in Katarinenfeld (Bolnisi) and Elizabethtal (Assureti village – Tetritskaro municipality), has been going on for almost a year. The restoration works of the house are carried out with the involvement of the Association for the Protection of German Cultural Heritage in the South Caucasus.

The Georgian-German wine house is one of the most important corporate social responsibility projects of RMG , which aims to support local winemakers. After the restoration, the house will present the products of Bolnisi winemakers, tasting and presentation spaces, where guests will be able to taste Bolnisi wines.