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Social Responsibility

RMG acknowledges its social responsibility towards Kazreti Settlement, Bolnisi Region and the entire country. That’s why we permanently organize, support and finance different social, educational, sports and cultural events.

Support of Georgian Rugby Union and the national team has been one of the main priorities of RMG for years.The company spent more than GEL 3 million for development of Georgian rugby during the last 7 years.

Implementation of different social, cultural-educational projects in Bolnisi Region has a significant role in our company activities.

RMG renders systematic financial support to Bolnisi Eparchy. Maintaining and restoration of ancient Georgian churches is one of the most important subject of care for the company.

RMG actively promotes sports, healthy lifestyle and culture at Kazreti Settlement. Every month, freestyle wrestling, junior football and choreography sections are sponsored by the company.

RMG supports development of educational projects at Kazreti Settlement and Bolnisi Region.
The company actively cooperates with public schools and a nursery school of Kazreti Settlement. According to their requirements, RMG periodically purchases and renews necessary equipment for schools and the nursery school.

RMG takes care of elderly people residing at Bolnisi Municipality, trying to make well-deserved living conditions for them by means of organizing different social events. The company cooperates with Georgia Red Cross Society, under aegis of which a day center for elderly people operates in Bolnisi. RMG supports the day center and its beneficiaries.

During the years, the company has been funding and will further support different charity organizations: Autism Association,"Momavlis Gza", Movement for Available Environment, "Momavlis Sakhli", Bolnisi Region Rehabilitation and Development Support Center, Iavnana Charity Foundation, etc.