Social Responsibility

Health and life of all the employees of RMG Gold and RMG Copper are insured in the insurance company "Imedi-L". Employers pay all the costs of the insurance package. Additionally every employee has the opportunity to insure his/her family under similar insurance conditions.

Due to the big choice of the Provider clinics, services are available in all the regions of Georgia.

Besides, 24 hour medical centers are functioning on the territory of the enterprise, where workers can get the first aid, necessary medical services and medicines.


In order to coordinate technical safety, health, safety and environment service is functioning in RMG. The above mentioned service controls safe process development in the enterprise, taking into consideration normative acts, regulations and standards in force in the Country and international standards.

Each newly employed worker receives safety training at the health, safety and environment division. Every six months the training is being repeated as a secondary instruction.

In case of technological change, technical re-equipment, switching to another job or violation of safety rules, the workers are given additional instructions. In case of the increased work risks they are given special instructions.

All the employees in the enterprise are provided with personal protective equipment (special equipment, clothes, shoes, overalls, gloves, protective dust respirator, goggles). Special attention is paid to the staff working with cyanide; They are given special equipment together with the standard means.

At the main industrial site of technological district, the increased risk areas are defined, where the daily monitoring and data is filled in a special register.

Health, safety and environment division in accordance with the approved training program annually arranges trainings for workers.