Ore enrichment plant located in Kazreti settlement of Bolnisi region is considered to be the first non-ferrous metals plant in Georgia.

Copper is met on different forms on the deposit. It is observed in the form of sulfide, carbonate and oxide ores. Pure forms of copper are observed as well.

Copper extraction and production:

  • Copper containing ores are extracted by means of underground or open method.  After that obtained ores are crushed, grinded and after technological enrichment it turns into a concentrate;

  • It is also possible to leach a copper from ore;

Copper has been used during the centuries and it is widely used nowadays too. Due to its chemical, physical and aesthetical characteristics it is used in household, industrial and high-technological systems, such as wires, transducers, heating, cooling and air conditioning, electricity schemes, sanitary ware, vehicle parts, coins etc.

Copper can be stretched into long, thin wires. It can resist corrosion, it is forgeable and it is the best heat and electricity conductor. In case of alloying of copper with other metals, such as zinc, aluminum or tin, it gets new properties and it can be used in highly specialized systems.

The most important factor that influences activities of RMG Copper is the price of metals produced by our company. Copper price is mainly determined according to demand and a general system of supply. Prices are also influenced by fluctuation of exchange rate and requirements of investment society.